Soho Dreams releases a new EP

Daniel Bravo and Jessica Pardoe sing ‘When I Look In The Mirror’ from a new six song EP release from the upcoming British musical ‘Soho Dreams’. Daniel as Michael Peters and Jessica as Sammy record the duet from Soho Dreams with musical director Ryan Mackenzie.

‘Their voices blend deliciously as the characters reveal their polar opposite views of a district which Michael hates and which Sammy seems wedded to’ said co-creator Rob McLoughlin.

‘It’s a big moment in the show’ he revealed;  ‘their futures depend upon which vision of a changing Soho they’ll opt for’.

The EP is released by Bucks Records (part of the Bucks Music Group on Spotify, Apple Music, and streamers worldwide.

The six songs also include ‘Burning Bridges’ performed by Barry Keenanas Jack ‘The Flash’ Goodman (who owns the part of Soho which the police don’t control), Lee Turner as ‘Tommy’ with ‘Love Tonight’; and ‘Show Me The Door’ by Jessica Pardoe who also sings the anthem ‘This Is My Life’ and the ballad ‘Child’ which were released as singles a few weeks ago.

More details are available on the Broadway World news site.