A live debate at University of Liverpool’s Leggate Theatre, 5.30pm 1st March 2016.

Professor Janet Beer, Vice Chancellor of the University of Liverpool will take to the podium of the Leggate Theatre in the Victoria Galley and Museum to call for the UK to vote to stay in the European Union ahead of David Cameron’s referendum on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

In an event organised by the business group, Professional Liverpool (Pro-Liverpool), Professor Beer, the first woman VC of Liverpool, will debate the risks which she feels Brexit will pose to the economy, security of Britain and to academia.

Alan Halsall, Businessman and Solicitor, will argue that we have little to fear from an exit of an overbearing and failing European Union. Mr Halsall who rescued the pram maker Silver Cross from receivership sold the company for £50m in 2015. He is helping to drive the Leave Britain campaign.

Full details at www.professionaliverpool.com

The event is hosted by Rob McLoughlin.

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